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Centre for Robotics

Action specification

  • Formulation of the goal: thinking in high level terms of what do we want to accomplish
  • Formulation of the intention: thinking more specifically about what will satisfy this goal
  • Specification of the action: determining what actions are necessaries to carry out the intention. These actions will then be carried out one at a time
  • Execution of the action: physically doing the action. In computer terms, this would be selecting the commands needed to carry out a specific action
  • Perception of the system state: the user should then assess what has occurred based on the action specified and execution. In the perception part, the user must notice what happened
  • Interpretation of the system state: having perceived the system state, the user must now use his knowledge of the system to interpret what happened
  • Evaluation of the outcome: the user now compares the system state (as perceived and interpreted by him) to the intention and to decide if progress is being made and what action will be needed next

Action Plan for year 2019

  • Formulation of the goal: The First Version of “SCMS Humanoid” developed should have a closed approximation with human.
  • Formulation of the intention: Our first step is to develop a Humanoid. The Humanoid must be design 3D printed and the sensors for different parts must be installed.
  • For accomplishing it cost is Nil as we will be using the facility provided by SCMS-FAB lab