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More About Basic Sciene and Humanities

Chemistry Lab

As per the Kerala Technological University course (2015-2016), it has been decided to introduce Engineering Chemistry practical sessions along with theoretical part of Engineering Chemistry. Hence a new chemistry lab was set up, which is equipped with sufficient number of apparatus, glass wares and chemicals.Both qualitative and quantitative experiments can be conducted in this lab.The experiments include preparation of industrially important resins like Phenol-formaldehyde, Urea-formaldehyde etc. The important quantitative experiments include estimation of ores, estimation of chloride in water, total hardness of water - EDTA method etc. The glass wares for quantitative analysis are of B-class accuracy and of borosilicate glass. Wall mounted storage cabinet with panel doors, chemical storage cabinet and chemical resistant thick trespa work top etc addsto the convenience of the lab. The entire lab was furnished by Zeba labs- an ISO 9001:2008 certified company

List of Equipments

  • Digital pH meter-make Systronics
  • Hotplate - make Rotex
  • Electronic balance with minimum display 0.1 mg- capacity 220 g-Shimadzu-model ATX 224
  • Electronic balance with minimum display 0.01g ,capacity 2200 g -Shimadzu-model BL2200 H
  • Water still (wall mounting,manesty type), make Rotex.
  • The lab is also provided with an emergency shower with eye washfor safety purpose

Faculty- in- Charge

Jesna K Sebastian, Mobile- 9846938788, Email id-

Lab-in- Charge

Athira Subhash, Mobile- 8943496353, Email id -

Language Lab

Language lab is a multimedia installation used to learn languages through Information and Communication Technology. The quintessential element in a strong career growth is, excellent communication skills.The Language Lab established in 2011 helps students to achieve this, enabling active participation in language learning. The software installed is 'LEARN SOFT'which ensures better attention from students. The students engage with individual systems and receive uniform attention, irrespective of their seating arrangements and class size

Students develop their listening and speaking skills and improve their pronunciation through online activities. In the language lab students do not play a passive role, they listen to, and/or watch, multimedia materials in which native speakers are talking in authentic contexts. They can record themselves and listen to themselves speaking the target language and compare themselves with the original material

In the language lab, students listen to Live BBC News, writes details of a particular piece of news and answers the questions.Today's modern language labs play a vital role in language learning, in fact for students who are part of the video game / internet / cell phone generation, modern language labs play a major role in grabbing student attention and keeping students motivated to learn. Students are not static. They need updated activities. The language lab in SSET provides students updated innovative learning experience


  • Headphones

Faculty- in- Charge

Jane Theresa,Mobile - 7356887678, Email

Physics Lab

Physics intents to find answers to scientific questions through experiments and research. The theoretical knowledge the student gains in his classroom is further established in the laboratory. The basis of what scientists believe is the result of the careful collection and analysis of laboratory evidence. In any physics class, the uniqueness of science is most evident when time for lab comes in.Engineering Physics lab is established in 2015 as per the KTU syllabus.

The discipline Engineering Physics and the laboratory is offered to the first year B.Tech. students either in the first semester or the second. It is common for all branches. It is in the laboratory that students learn to practice the activities of scientists - asking questions, performing procedures, collecting data, analyzing data, answering questions, and thinking of new possibilities to explore. The students are provided with the aim, principle and procedure for each experiment

List of Equipments

  • He-Ne laser
  • Sodium vapor and mercury lamps
  • Gratings
  • CROs
  • Function generators
  • Spectrometers
  • Travelling microscopes etc

Faculty- in- Charge

Resmi M - 9961881345, Email

Lab In Charge

Ms. Siji Joy, Mobile -9400805108, Email-id -