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Staff Research Publications

Staff Research Publications

Dr. Mini Tom

  • Published On Strongest paths, Delta arcsand Blocks in Fuzzy graphs, World Applied Sciences Journal,Vol.22 (Special Issue of Applied Math), 2013, pp.10 - 17
  • Notes on Types Of Arcs in A FuzzyGraph, Journal of Uncertainty in Mathematics Sciences, Vol.2014,2014, pp.1-4
  • Sum Distance in fuzzy graphs, Annals of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Vol.7, No.2, 2014,pp.73-89.
  • Strong Sum Distance in Fuzzy graphs, SpringerPlus, (2015) 4:214
  • Sum Distance and Strong Sum Distance in Fuzzy Graphs, LampertAcedemic Publishing, 2016.
  • Boundary and Interior Nodes in Fuzzy Graph using Sum Distance, Fuzzy Information and Engineering Vol 8, 2016, pp 75 – 85. Dr. Sreelekha B Solving Fuzzy Maximal Flow Problem Using Octagonal Fuzzy, Feb 2016, International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications.

Dr. Sreelekha B

  • A Fuzzy Queuing Theoretic Approach to Child care Quality and Regulations,2012 , Applied mathematics , Elixir Statistics
  • Analyzing the Waiting Time of Passengers in an Escalator at the Railway Station Using Monte Carlo Methods in Fuzzy Queuing Theory , AryaBatta Journal of Mathematics and Informatic
  • Fuzzy Steady State Analysis of Mx/M(a,b)/1 Queue models with Random Breakdowns ,2012 , International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology
  • Analysis of a Fuzzy Queuing System with a Removable and Non Reliable Server , Mar2012 Journal of Computing Technologies
  • Fuzzy Optimal Management of N Policy M/ Ek/1 Queuing System with Removable Service Station , jan 2012 ,International Journal of Advanced and Innovative Research
  • Fuzzy N Policy Queues with Infinite Capacity , Dec 2011, published in the Journal of Physical Sciences
  • Fuzzy Analysis of Mean and Variance of Sojourn Time Distribution in Tandem Queues ,Dec 2011, published in the proceedings of the International Conference ICMCM 11
  • Analysis of Fuzzy Erlang’s Loss Queuing Models-Non Linear Programming Approach ,Feb 2011, published in the International Journal of Fuzzy Mathematics and Systems
  • Machine Repair Problem Under Uncertain Environment, Oct 2010, published in the International Journal of Mathematical Sciences and Engineering Applications