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Civil Engineering

Dr. Ratish Menon

Associate Professor

Specialisation: Environmental Engineering

Room: Water Institute, Academic Block

+91 9746083929

Educational Qualifications

  • PhD Environmental Engineering (IIT Bombay)
  • M.Tech Environmental Engineering ( Govt. Engineering College, Thrissur)
  • B.Tech Civil Engineering ( Govt. Engineering College, Thrissur)

Employment History

  • Joined SCMS School of engineering and technology, Karukutty, Cochin on 01-08-2013
  • One year research and development experience at IIT Bombay (2007-2008) as Project Engineer on CPCB funded project " Development of chemical signatures for air polluting sources in 6 Indian cities"
  • Two year teaching and industrial experience (2005-2007) at M.E.S College of Engineering, Kuttipuram as lecturer in Civil Engineering and Project Engineer with overall charge of construction projects of the institute
  • Two year industry experience (2003-2005) at Thiruvambady Devaswom, Thrissur as Project Engineer

Key Responsibilities Held

Present Responsibilities

  • Coordinator for M.Tech Environmental Engineering Programme
  • Research & Consultancy at SCMS Water Institute

Teaching Interests

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Environmental System Modelling
  • Sustainable Water Resource Management
  • Remote sensing & GIS for Environmental Applications

Research Interests

  • Iron removal from ground water
  • compact waste water treatment units
  • Environmental Informatics
  • Receptor modelling
  • Atmospheric aerosol characterization


  • Patil, R.S., Kumar, R., Menon, R., Shah, M.K., and Sethi, V., “Development of particulate matter speciation profiles for major sources in six cities in India”, Atmospheric Research , 2013
  • Mathew, M., Gerhardt, A., George, S., and Menon, R., "Biomonitoring of Effluent Quality from a Sewage Treatment Plant using Poecilia reticulata as Indicator Organism under Indian Conditions", Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (Under Review)
  • Mathew, M., Gerhardt, A., George, S., and Menon, R., "Assessment of Acute Toxicity of Tributyltin on Gammarus fossarum using the Multispecies Freshwater Biomonitor", International Journal of Environmental Research(Under Review)
  • Chaudhari, R., Menon, R., Kumar, R., and Sethi, V., Air quality monitoring at regional and local scales in India with satellite observations of columnar aerosol optical thickness and Tropospheric NO2 Density., 5th GEOBIA conference, Greece, 21- 24 May 2014
  • S. Bojjagani, R. H. Chaudhari, R. Menon,V.M. Motghare, R.S. Patil, R. Kumar and V. Sethi., Development of approaches for air quality management in coal mining areas, International symposium on environmental management and current practices in mining and allied industries, IIT BHU, February 13-15, 2014
  • Menon, R., Sethi, V., and Husar, R., " Multi-sensor view of atmospheric aerosol patterns over India", International Symopsium on Energy and Environment, McDonnell Academy for Energy and Environment Partnership, Mumbai, December 9-12, 2012.
  • Husar, R.B., Hoijarvi, K., Westphal, D.,Scheffe, R., Keating, T., Poirot, R., DuBois, D.W., Bleiweiss, M.P., Eberhard, W.L., Menon, R., Sethi, V., and Deshpande, A., “Applications of satellite observations to aerosol analyses and forecasting using NAAPS model and the DataFed distributed data system”, Fall meeting, American Geophysical Union, San Francisco, December 3-7, 2012.
  • Menon, R., Sethi, V., and Husar, R.B., “An iterative fitting algorithm for matching aerosol size distributions to spectral extinction data”, Visibility and Air pollution, Air & Waste Management Association, Whitefish, MT, September 24-28, 2012.
  • Sethi, V., Menon, R., and Husar, R.B., “Air quality community of practice- Activities in India”, Presentation at GEO Ministerial Summit, Beijing, CN., November 2, 2010.
  • Tiwari, V., Menon, R., Shah, Munna, Sethi, Virendra. and Biswas, P., “Photo-oxidation of organic pollutant using metal oxide nano-composites”, International Conference on Environmental Health and Technology, IIT Kanpur India, March 15-17, 2010.

Awards and Honours :

  • MAGEEP Exchange Visit Fellowship, 2012
  • Graduate Student Fellow, Federation of Earth Science Information Partners, 2011
  • Indo?US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) Exchange Visit Fellowship, 2009
  • Institute Scholarship for Doctoral Studies - IIT Bombay, 2008
  • National Scholarship for Masters Program - Ministry of Human Resource Development, 2001

Professional Activities

Professional and Consulting Activities

  • Consultancy and Research in the field of water and waste water at SCMS Water Institute

Membership in Professional Societies

  • member, Air and Waste Management Association
  • member, India Air Quality Community of Practice
  • Life Member, Environmental Science and Engineering Association

Positions held

  • General Secretary (2010-2011), Environmental Science and Engineering Association

Technical programs attended

Attended the following programs as resource person

  • Sustainable Constructions M.E.S College of Engineering, Kuttipuram - Kuttipuram, Malappuram (10-12 February 2016)
  • Advancements in Environmental Engineering CAPE College of Engineering, Kidangoor - Kidangoor, Kottayam (9-11, September, 2015)
  • Sustainable Development and Management of Ground Water Resources Central Ground Water Board - Kochi (25- 29 May 2015)
  • National Forum on Air quality IIT Bombay - Mumbai (Jan 21-23, 2015)
  • Short term training programme on Environmental problems and their impact on human health Govt. Engineering College Thrissur - Thrissur (September 22- 26, 2014)
  • Short term training programme on Innovations in Waste Management Govt. Engineering College Thrissur - Thrissur (July 22-26, 2013)
  • Workshop on trends in monitoring/abatement of air pollution NIT Suratkal - Suratkal (December 26-28, 2012)
  • Short course on air quality management McDonnell Academy for Energy and Environment Partnership - Mumbai (December 6-7, 2012)