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College Code : SCM


Computer Science & Engineering

Sindhya K Nambiar

Assistant Professor

Specialisation: Software Engineering

Room: 4th Floor, Administrative Block

0484 2450330 Extn - 120

Educational Qualifications

  • Ph.D(Doing) in Computer Science and Engineering at Cochin University of science and Technology
  • M.Tech in Software Engineering from Cochin University of Science and Technology
  • MBA in Human Resource Management from Indira Gandhi National Open University
  • B-E in Computer Science and Engineering from Oxford Engineering College, Trichy

Employment History

  • Joined SCMS School of engineering and technology, Karukutty, Cochin on 09-06-2003
  • Worked as a Guest Lecturer from Oct 2002 to April 2003 in Model polytechnic, Mala

Key Responsibilities Held

Responsibilities Held

  • Class Co-ordinator
  • Organizing committee member of ICACCI 2015,SSET
  • NAAC Coordinator of the department
  • Member of Discipline Commitee
  • Member of Student Grievances and Redressel cell

Present Responsibilities

  • Class Co-ordinator of S4 CSE (Batch 14)
  • Member of Student Grievances and Redressel cell
  • Member of “innovative software cell”
  • Member of Discipline Commitee

Teaching Interests

  • Programming Languages
  • Operating system
  • Data Structures
  • Algorithm analysis and design
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Principles of programming language
  • DBMS
  • Discrete Computational Structures

Research Interests

  • Optimization Techniques
  • Agent based computing
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Data Mining


  • Sindhya K Nambiar, Sumam Mary Idicula published a paper titled “A multi-agent vehicle routing system for garbage collection" in the 5th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Computing (ICoAC), Chennai, 2013.
  • Sindhya K. Nambiar, Soniya Jose, Course note on Information Technology, Published by SCMS Group, 2014
  • Sana Abdul Rahman Kutty, Sindhya K Nambiar published a paper titled “EOT: Evolutionary Optimization Technique for Solving Traveling Salesman Problem” in the Third International Conference on Recent Trends in Communication and Computer Networks – ComNet 2015

Awards and Honours

  • Third rank in M.Tech(Software Engineering) , CUSAT 2013
  • Gate 2010 Scholar

Technical programs attended

  • Attended the International Conference on Advances in computing, communication and informatics (ICACCI) organized by SCMS School of Engineering and Technology and co sponsored by IEEE Communication Society from August 10-13,2015 at SCMS, Muttom
  • Attended Faculty Development Programme organised by Wipro Mission 10X
  • Attended workshop on Octave/Scilab as the part of Free Knowledge Fest conducted by CUSAT University from September 26-28,2014
  • Attended the International Conference on Data Science and Engineering held at Cochin University of Science and Technology, July 2012
  • Attended the one day seminar on Emerging trends in computer Applications-ETCA 09 organized by Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering on 25th July 2009 at SCMS School of Engineering and Technology, karukutty.
  • Attended the National seminar on Green Computing organized by Dept. of Electronics and communication Engineering and co sponsored by IETE-SSET student’s forum on 24th January 2009 at SCMS School of Engineering and Technology, karukutty.
  • Attended workshop on Publishing Quality Research Articles with Latex at SSET in August 2016
  • Attended three day hands on residential workshop on machine learning organized by CUSAT and DKF from june 22 to 24, 2018
  • Attended three day faculty development programme on linear algebra organized by TEQIP , GEC sreekrishnapuram from february 19 to 21, 2017