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Counselling and Guidance

Counselling Psychology is a specialty within professional psychology that maintains a focus on facilitating personal and interpersonal functioning across the life span. The specialty pays particular attention to emotional, social, vocational, educational, healthrelated, developmental, and organizational concerns.

In SCMS school of engineering and technology, counselling psychologist help people with physical, emotional and mental health issues improve their sense of well‐being, alleviate feelings of distress, resolve crises, and provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment of more severe psychological symptoms. Counselling service also have extensive expertise in working with students in relation with psychological wellbeing; understanding that sometimes you may simply need to talk, while at other times you may want to address more complex issues in your personal life, in your academic experience, along with significant emotional and mental health challenges.

Counselling service is confidential, free and available to all currently enrolled Students and Staff.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Listen to students’ concerns about academic, emotional or social problems
  • Help students process their problems and plan goals and action
  • Mediate conflict between students and teachers
  • Improve parent/teacher relationships
  • Facilitate drug and alcohol prevention programs
  • Organize peer counselling programs
  • Refer students to other mental health resources if necessary
  • Work on academic boards to improve learning conditions

Commonly adopted Interventions:

  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Negative Reinforcement
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Meditation
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Parent Management Training
  • Exposure Therapy
  • Systematic Desensitization
  • Assertive Training
  • Progressive muscle relaxation

SCMS School of Engineering & Technology

Student’s Counsellor
Counselling Psychology
SCMS School of Engineering and Technology, Kerala, India - 683 582
Email: mufeeda@scmsgroup.org Tel: 0484-2450330 Extn-133

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