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More About Computer Science Engineering


Synergy is the Computer Science and Engineering Department Association , which is an ideal platform for our students to bring out the artists inside them and to still remember their own artistic capabilities in between late night projects and hectic assignments. This will gently remind them to keep an eye open to the society where we live and to be sensitive to the core issues of it, instead of just concentrating on the deadlines and running towards their selfish aims like a horse with its blinders on. Also it is a great aid to showcase the different abilities of students, both artistic and academic. It will help them in a good way to come out of their natural diffidence and to make much better human beings than better programmers. Unarguably there is no better option to cultivate the feeling of belongingness to the institution and deviating from their typical routines can give the students a big relief.

Synergy has a committee in which students bear main positions. Synergy publishes monthly newsletters and each batch take a turn in writing newsletter.This forum showcase technical write ups, vivid drawings and diverse articles in this exceptional venture.

Under the title of Synergy,the department organises many workshops, seminars, coding contests and other technical and cultural activities. Synergy has proved to be a success in moulding the students into creative young engineers.


SSET IEDC in association with SYNERGY, has conducted two days workshop on “Software Engineering using Agile Method “ for 35 students. 10 students from SSET & 25 Students from various colleges have attended the workshop. ICT Academy of Kerala in association with Kerala Start-Up Mission has conducted the event at Lab V of SSET on 20-08-2019 & 21-08-2019 from 8.45 am to 4 pm. Nitha Anilkumar , ICT ACADEMY,was the resource person for the program:

Program Coordinator: Jency Rena NM, Asst Professor, CSE & IEDC Core Committee member, SSET .


A grand farewell "HASTA LA VISTA 2K19" was organized for our outgoing Eighth semester students by sixth semester students. The farewell was arranged at seminar hall on 13th March 2019 , the entire ambiance was so warm with outpouring emotions of the outgoing students. some of them spoke about their fond memories in the college and they were so touching and heart warming.


A program was organised on 10/5/19 to congratulate the students who secured SGPA of 9 & above for their Odd Semester KTU Examinations .Outstanding Achievement Awards were given to Jiya Benny ,S4CS and Ganesh Babu S6 CS for securing SGPA of 10.


A session on "Recent trends in the industry" were given to second year and third year students on 8/4/19 by our alumni Mr.Arun Valiyaparambil,Director,Device Software,Netradyne,Bangalore.