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Centre for Robotics

Director's Profile

Dr. Sunil Jacob, Director, SCMS Centre for Robotics & Professor ECE Dept., is the backbone of this cell. He has inspired and motivated the young budding engineering students of SSET through his inventions, dedication and hard work. He is the custodian of many patents and awards

Academic qualifications - Doctor of philosophy PhD in Department of Electronics

Areas of expertise -Electronics

Awards received

  • Won Gandhian Young Technological And Innovation Awards 2020(GYTI-2020) for the project titled Artificial Deep Learning Brain Actuated Lower Limb Exoskeleton for Paralyzed.
  • Won ‘Young Gandhian Technological Innovation Appreciation Award 2018’ for the project titled ‘Brain wave nerve excitation for physically disabled’
  • Won ‘AICTE Chathra Vishvakarma Award 2017 in Electronics’ for project titled ‘A DE addictive coil for drug addicts’. Won First Prize – at ‘Nautilus 2018’ conducted at FISAT, Mookkannoor
  • Won ‘SASTRAYAAN 2018 Award’ at CUSAT, Kochi for the project titled ‘Muscle to Machine Interface for Paralyzed Person (MMIPP) Ver.2’
  • Won ‘Manorama Yuva Mastermind 2017’ for the project titled ‘Wearable Device for Prevention and Detection of Heart Failure’
  • Won 3rd prize in ‘Third Dialogue India Academia Conclave (IIT, DELHI), 2017’. The projects presented are:
    • Accelerobotics
    • Shopping Assistance For Blind’
    • Automated Guidance Cart for Physically Disabled Person Using Brain Signal’
    • Life Detection and Rescue System Using Snake Robot’
    • Vehicle Load Monitoring System
  • Won ‘KETKON-TECHFEST-2016 of KSCSTE’ award held at Amal Jyothy Engg.College, Kanjirappally for the project titled ‘Bionic Haptic Arm’. This project got the ‘Best Paper Award for paper in Technical Competition’ held at GEC Thrissur and UC college, Thodupuzha. And won Second prize for ‘Project Competition’ held at M.A College, Kothamangalam and also at Adi Sankara, Kalady

List of publications

Paper Published Title of the paper Title of conference/seminar volume Year of publication Publisher
1 “Intelligent vehicle collisionavoidance system using 5G-enabled drone swarms” Proceedings of the 2nd ACM MobiCom Workshop on Drone Assisted Wireless Communications for 5G and Beyond 91-96 Sept 2020 ACM
2 A secure and energy- efficient opportunistic routing protocol with void avoidance for underwater acoustic sensor networks Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences 28 (4), 2303-2315E 2020 Turkish Journal
3 An Adaptive and Flexible Brain Energized Full Body Exoskeleton With IoT Edge for Assisting the Paralyzed Patients IEEE Access 8, 100721 –100731 2020 IEEE
4 An IoT-Enabled Intelligent Automobile System for Smart Cities Internet of Things 2020 ELSEVIER
5 A Low-cost Preventive Face Shield and Reusable N95 Compatible Mask for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 VGM IEEE Future Directions 2020 IEEE
6 Bidirectional Multi-tier Cognitive Swarm Drone 5G Network IEEE Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM) 2020 IEEE
7 Depth Information Enhancement Using Block Matching and Image Pyramiding Stereo Vision Enabled RGB-D Sensor IEEE Sensors Journal 2020 IEEE
8 A Novel Spectrum Sharing Scheme using Dynamic Long Short-Term Memory with CP-OFDMA in5G Networks IEEE Transactions on Cognitive Communications and Networking 2020 IEEE
9 SDN Powered Humanoid with Edge Computing for Assisting Paralyzed Patients AOAVA Authors IEEE Internet of Things Journal ( Early Access) 2019 IEEE
10 Secure Brain to Brain Communication with Edge Computing for Assisting Post-Stroke Paralyzed Patients V P,IEEE Internet of Things Journal 2019 IEEE
11 Artificial Intelligence Powered EEG-EMG Electrodes for Assisting the Paralyzed IEEE Future Directions 2019 IEEE
12 Hybrid brain actuated muscle interface for the physically disabled Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology, August 2018 WILEY
13 Camotransmutees Proceedings of National Conference on “Design & Innovation” 2018 Dialogue India held at IIT, Delhi
14 Time-Domain Chacterization of Dual Band Spiral Antenna with WMTS/UWB Application International Journal of Antennas and Propagation.,Volume 2017, Article ID 2301751, 6 pages- Indexed by SCIE 2017 Hindawi
15 A Review of Technology Advances for Assisting Paralyzed People [Leading Edge] IEEE Technology and Society Magazine ( Volume: 36, Issue: 2, June 2017 ) Indexed by SCIE 2017 IEEE Technology and Society Magazine
16 Brain to Muscle interface for Paralysed person (BMIP) interface Research Project 2017 IEEE Tasmitter
17 Investigation of double negativity of SRR-thin wire structures\ Control Communication & Computing India (ICCC), 2015 International Conference Nov. 2015 IEEE
18 “Random Access OFDMA Network With Dynamic Resource Allocation” International Conference on Data Storage and Data Engineering pp-15-19,DSDE, India, Print ISBN: 978-0-7695-3958-4. DOI-10.1109/DSDE.2010.27. February 2010. Publisher IEEE DOI: 10.1109/DSDE.2010.27
19 “Random Access OFDMA Network with Dynamic Resource Allocation using Regenerative Decode and Forwarding Protocol with Rayleigh Fading Channel” International Conference on Recent Trends in Information, Telecommunication and Computing) pp-85-89,ITC, Tyre1India,Print ISBN:978-1-4244-59568DOI10.1109/ITC. March 2010. Publisher IEEE DOI: 10.1109/ITC.2010.53
20 Investigation of double negativity of SRR-thin wire structures 2015 International Conference on Control Communication & Computing India (ICCC) 19-21 Nov 2015 DOI:10.1109/ICCC.2015.7432942 Publisher: IEEE
21 Enabling Coexistence of ZigBee and WiFi CAE) – ISSN : 2394-4714 Volume 2 – No.6 2016 Communications on Applied Electronics
22 Design of a Low Voltage low Power Double tail comparator in 180nm CMOS Technology e-ISSN : 2320-0847 p-ISSN : 2320-0936 Volume-3, Issue-9, pp-15-19 2014 American Journal of Engineering Research(AJER)
23 Dynamic Source Quick Route Rebuilding Algorithm For Random-Access OFDMA Adhoc Network Volume 37– No.9, Jan 2012 International Journal of Computer Applications
24 Low Power Critical Path Redesigned Ecrl Pipeline Implementation ISSN: 22311963 2015 International Journal of Advances in Engg& Tech
25 Energy Efficient TRDMA over Multipath Channels ISSN : 2394-4714 Volume 2 – No.7 August 2015 CAE Foundation of Computer Science FCS, New York, USA
26 Cooperative Cross Layer Solution for Performance Improvement in Wireless OFDMA Network 18-23, 2014 ISSN 1818-4952 © IDOSI Publications 2014 World Applied Sciences Journal 31
27 “Energy Efficient Network Coding and Flooding Cooperative Transmission Scheme For Random Access OFDM Wireless Network” Proceedings of ICITSEM 2014, Dubai, UAE, pp-114-119, February 2014. ICITSEM
28 Cooperative Transmission for Random Access OFDMA Network Using Rayleigh Fading Channel Insight ’09, Centre For Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Calicut 25th and 26th November 2009 NIMIT
29 Random Access OFDMA Network With Dynamic Power Allocation and Cooperative Ratio National Conference on Recent Trends in Electrical And Computer Technology 2010 RTECT 10
30 Random Access OFDMA Network with Dynamic Resource Allocation using RDF Protocol National Conference on Recent Trends in Electrical And Computer Technology 2010 RTECT 10
31 Random Access Network with RDF in the Capacity of Low Potential Source Nodes National Conference on Recent Trends in Electrical And Computer Technology 2010 RTECT 10
32 Dynamic Source Quick Route Rebuilding Algorithm National Conference on Network Security 19th&20th Aug 2011 SIMETRYA'11

Book Published Title of the book Title of conference/seminar volume Year of publication Publisher
1 Wireless Technology First Edition 176/ISBN-13:978-3-659-43286-6 March 2015 Lambert Academic publisher, Germany

Book under Review

4G Wireless Communication using MATLAB co-authored by Asha Jacob

Licensed by : MAT Lab

Publisher : Cambridge Scholar.

Research Supervision

Supervisor SUNIL JACOB (KTU-F18167)
Ph.D Scholar with Unique ID / Photo ID
Reg no
Research topic
Praveena S Kammath
D-JULY 2017/SCM/KTU 001
EC Engineering
Ph.D Scholar with Unique ID / Photo ID
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Vrinda V Gopal T
D-JULY 2017/SCM/KTU 002
EC Engineering
Ph.D Scholar with Unique ID / Photo ID
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Vinoj P G
D-JULY 2017/SCM/KTU 003
Embedded System, Robotics
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