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More about Electrical and Electronics Engineering Labs


SCMS School of Engineering & Technology

This is the core lab of electrical engineering department which is equipped with a number of AC and DC machines. The students are exposed to the best experimental practiceson different types of machines considering the industrial relevance

List of Main Equipments

  • DC series motor
  • DC shunt motor
  • DC compound motor
  • D.C machine sets
  • Alternator
  • Synchronous induction motor
  • Synchronous motor
  • Slip-ring induction motor
  • Squirrel cage induction motor
  • Double cage induction motor
  • Pole changing induction motor
  • Induction generator
  • Single phase induction motor
  • Single Phase transformer
  • Three Phase transformer
  • Single phase and Three phase auto-transformer
  • Induction machine D.C machine set

Faculty - in - Charge:
Ms. ShereenaGaffoor, Mobile :9947033002, E-mail-id


SCMS School of Engineering & Technology

The power electronics lab familiarizes the students with power semiconductor devices and power electronics circuits.Laboratory exercises include the design of different Power Electronic circuits and simulation of the circuits using software tools such as MATLAB.

List of Main Equipments

  • Thyristor module
  • Diac module
  • Triac module
  • BJT,MOSFET,IGBT module
  • R, RC, UJT firing module
  • PWM inverter control module
  • Single phase series inverter
  • Modified Mc Murray-Bedford full bridge inverter
  • Single phase half & fully controlled bridge rectifier
  • Speed control of motor using TRIAC
  • Isolation Transformer
  • Power electronic trainer kits

Faculty - in - Charge :
Mr. Varun Jose, Mobile : 8113980768, Email id :

Lab - in - Charge :
Ms. Priya K, Mobile : 9496680154, Email id:


SCMS School of Engineering & Technology

The control and simulation lab is equipped with excellent facilities for control and simulation experiments. This lab includes various kits and Hardware/Software introducing students to a variety of concepts inservo control, open and closed loop system analysis, compensator design andprocess control.

List of Main Equipments

  • Amplidyne-Characteristics Trainer set-up
  • Two phase Ac Servomotor
  • Synchro Transmitter and Receiver Trainer
  • DC Servomotor
  • Inverted Pendulum Trainer Kit
  • Stepper Motor Controller with motor
  • Level/ Temperature/Process Trainer

Faculty - in - Charge
Mr. Varun Jose, Mobile: 8113980768, Email id :

Lab - in - Charge
Ms. Priya K, Mobile: 9496680154, Email id:


SCMS School of Engineering & Technology

The lab is equipped with sufficient measuring instruments like bridges and potentiometers needed for practical classes.

List of Main Equipments

  • Loading Rheostat-3phase
  • Current Transformer
  • Potential Transformer
  • LVDT
  • LCRQ Bridge
  • Trivector Meter
  • Slidewire Potentiometer
  • Crompton's Precision Slidewire Potentiometer/li>
  • Vernier Potentiometer
  • Digital LuxMeter
  • Inductive Load-3phase
  • Wheatstone's Bridge
  • Hibbertz's Standard
  • Kelvin Bridge
  • Phase Shifting Transformer

Faculty - in - Charge
Ms .DivyaNath K, Mobile:9446754306, Email id:

Lab - In - Charge
Mr. A. G. Subrahmanian, Mobile:9446927483


SCMS School of Engineering & Technology

This lab is equipped with components, accessories and measuring equipment in Electrical Installations. Workshop practice also include the wiring of simple circuits.

List of Main Equipments

  • Bench vice
  • Bench Grinder
  • Insulation Megger
  • Bench Drill
  • Wiring Tools

Faculty - in - Charge
Ms. Jayalakshmi S , Mobile :9446756742, Email id:

Lab - in - Charge
Mr. Babu K A, Mobile :9400539660, Email id:

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