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College Code : SCM


Basic Science & Humanities

Dr.Sreelekha B

Associate Professor

Specialisation: Pure Mathematics

Room: AD 101

0484-2450330Extn -128

Educational Qualifications

  • PhD Fuzzy Queuing Theory ( MS university , Thirunelveli )
  • MPhil Mathematics ( MK University , Madurai )
  • MSc Mathematics ( SD College, Alappuzha, Kerala University)
  • BEd Mathematics (BEdCentre, Alappuzha, Kerala University

Employment History

  • Joined SCMS School of engineering and technology, Karukutty, Cochin on 05-09-2003
  • Two Years teaching experience ( 01-07-2001 to 01-092003) at TIMT Ambalappuzha
  • Three and half years teaching experience ( 01-08-1997 to 05-02-2000) at University Institute of Technology ,Alappuzha

Key Responsibilities Held

Responsibilities Held

  • Class coordinator( 2007 admissions Computer Science &Engg, 2009 admissions Computer Science &Engg)

Present Responsibilities

  • A member in the committee conducting internal test and University Exams
  • Member of Antiragging squad and antiragging committee
  • A member of Research And Consultancy Committee

Teaching Interests

  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Calculus
  • Differential Equations
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Operations Research
  • Advanced Mathematics

Research Interests

  • Operations Research
  • Fuzzy Mathematics
  • Pure Mathematics
  • Queuing Theory


  • Solving Fuzzy Maximal Flow Problem Using Octagonal Fuzzy, Feb 2016, International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications.
  • A Fuzzy Queuing Theoretic Approach to Child care Quality and Regulations,2012 , Applied mathematics , Elixir Statistics
  • Analyzing the Waiting Time of Passengers in an Escalator at the Railway Station Using Monte Carlo Methods in Fuzzy Queuing Theory , AryaBatta Journal of Mathematics and Informatics.
  • Fuzzy Steady State Analysis of Mx/M(a,b)/1 Queue models with Random Breakdowns ,2012 , International Journal of Applied Engineering and Technology
  • Analysis of a Fuzzy Queuing System with a Removable and Non Reliable Server , Mar2012 Journal of Computing Technologies .
  • Fuzzy Optimal Management of N Policy M/ Ek/1 Queuing System with Removable Service Station , jan 2012 ,International Journal of Advanced and Innovative Research .
  • Fuzzy N Policy Queues with Infinite Capacity , Dec 2011, published in the Journal of Physical Sciences
  • Fuzzy Analysis of Mean and Variance of Sojourn Time Distribution in Tandem Queues ,Dec 2011, published in the proceedings of the International Conference ICMCM 11 .
  • Analysis of Fuzzy Erlang’s Loss Queuing Models-Non Linear Programming Approach ,Feb 2011, published in the International Journal of Fuzzy Mathematics and Systems
  • Machine Repair Problem Under Uncertain Environment, Oct 2010, published in the International Journal of Mathematical Sciences and Engineering Applications

Professional Activities

Membership in Professional Societies

  • Life Member , Kerala Mathematical Association
  • Life Member , Association of Mathematics Teachers of India
  • Life Member , International Journal of Mathematical Sciences and Engineering Applications