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ARiME - Association of Mechanical Engineers for Research and Innovation

About ARiME

ARiME is the association of Mechanical Engineering students of SSET mentored by faculty members of the department for the overall development of the students. The membership is voluntary for all the students who get enrolled in the SSET Mechanical Department.


  • To act as a link between academia and industry by organizing industrial visits, seminars, special lectures, internships and other co-curricular programmes.
  • To share relevant information to the students of the department to sustain their interest in the area of mechanical engineering.
  • To provide a platform for interaction between faculty and the students and also to create a bonding between the seniors and the juniors of the department.

ARiME Office Bearers – AY 2019-2020

Sl.No Name Designation/Semester & class Roll No Position Held
1 Mr. Sajith E Assistant Professor Secretary
2 Mr. T. M. Anup Kumar Assistant Professor Joint Secretary
3 Mr. Vishnu H Assistant Professor Treasurer
4 Gautham C Sekhar S7 ME I SME/7365/16 Secretary
5 Mohamed Sharun S7 ME II SME/7401/16 Secretary
6 Anand Rajeev S7 ME I SME/7040/16 Joint Secretary
7 Aswin B S5 ME I SME/7841/17 Treasurer
8 Rohith R S5 ME II SME/7519/17 Member
9 Amal James S3 ME I SME/8223/18 Member
10 Vaisakh Sunil Kumar S3 ME II SME/8387/18 Member
11 Kalidas M S1 ME SME/8679/19 Member

Activities of AY 2019-2020


Dr. Venu P, Head of Department, held an orientation class for the staff and faculty of the department briefing the various aspects and significance of NBA accreditation on 9th of October,2019.

Workshop on future technologies

A two-day automobile workshop was conducted by Mr. Mirash Francis from BMW and Mr. Saji Peyoli from Ducati on the theme ‘Future Technologies’ on 15th and 16th of October, 2019 regarding the latest advancements in the concepts of automatic parking, emission reduction, optimum energy utilization etc. The students of SSET and various other institutions had participated in the event.

Alumni Talk

Mr. Anties K Martin, Alumnus of SSET, gave an informative talk on 18th of November 2019 on the role of Bio-Mimicking in mechanical engineering for the final year students. The talk emphasized on the existing applications and the need for further developments in the field.

FDP on CNC Programming and Process simulation

A two day Faculty Development Programme on ‘CNC programming and Process simulation’ was held on 27th and 29th of November 2019 by Mr. Jenson Joseph and Mr.Premanand R for industrial professionals and academicians

Tips on Physical fitness

Mr. Jith Jayanand, Director of Physical Education Department - Physical Education, conducted an interactive session on the ‘Importance Of Physical Education ‘on 15th of December 2019 for the faculty and staff of SSET.


A hands-on Training in FAB lab was provided for the faculty by the department, headed by Mr.Sunil Jacob and Mr.Sajith E on 2nd and 3rd of December 2019 as a part of the Faculty Development Programme.


The students from the fourth, sixth and eighth semesters were given the basic CADD training programme conducted by resource person Mr. Joe Paul on 24th of January 2020.

Alumni Talk Electrical Vehicles

A talk was given my Mr. Varghese Joy on the topic ‘Electrical Vehicles and Innovations’ for all the students of the department on 25th of January 2020. It gave the students an insight on the inevitable need for having electric driven vehicles for an eco- friendly energy efficient future.

Talk on IELTS

Mr Vimal Kaviraj, Senior Marketing Consultant had come in to give a talk regarding IELTS on the 3rd February 2020. Mr Vimal conveyed to the students the importance of the IELTS examination. He was also able to portray the assessment pattern and countries accepting the examination.

The Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE)

Mr. Saji Joseph, Partner DynaMEC System & former President ISHRAE (Kerala Chapter) & Mr Sreekesh S R, APEX- ADCOCACY (Cochin Chapter), ISHRAE gave a encapsulating talk for all the students of the department on 4th of February 2020. He informed the students on the upcoming technologies in air conditioning, the selection scheme used for air conditioning in various types of building and the prominent uses in the research of new systems of air conditioning.

ARiME Office Bearers – AY 2018-2019

Name Designation/Semester & Class Roll No Position Held
Mr. Jose Sheril D’cotha Faculty Secretary
Mr. Sam Joshy Faculty Joint Secretary
Mr. Vishnu H Faculty Treasurer
Benjamin Manson Koola S8 ME I SME/6464/15 Member
Varun Jain S8 ME II SME/6376/15 Secretary
Adwaith J S6 ME I SME/7375/16 Joint Secretary
Rayan Joseph Jaise S6 ME II SME/7405/16 Member
Allen Issac S4 ME I SME/7561/17 Member
Kiran Sanath S4 ME II SME/7998/17 Treasurer
Badareekrishna S2 ME I SME/8354/18 Member
Pranav P S2 ME II SME/8237/18 Member

Activities of AY 2018-2019

Award Distribution Ceremony - May 2019

ARiME organised department get together to honour and award the toppers of AY 2018-2019 Odd Semester University Examination. The awards were distributed to the students by Dr. E.M.S Nair, Professor Emeritus, ME Department and Mr. K C Mathew, Assistant Professor, ME Department.

Idea Pitching Competition -April 2019

An Impromptu Idea Pitching Competition was organised on 16th April 2019 to award the best socially relevant idea that could solve a problem applying the fundamentals of mechanical engineering. Nine teams were qualified to make their presentations and were awarded based on the level of innovation, societal impact and feasibility.

Towards NBA Accreditation – April 2019

ARiME organised a talk on the role of students in maintaining the quality of the department and in acquiring the accreditation was delivered by the Head of Department. Students from all the four years attended the session.

Industrial Visit for ME students - Feb-March 2019

The students of fourth, sixth and eight semesters were provided with an opportunity to visit industries and gain practical knowledge in the area of mechanical engineering. The students had a wonderful 6 days trip not only to industry but also to refresh their minds by visiting tourist places near by the industries. Faculty members also accompanied the students and these trips has been successful in maintaining healthy relation with members of the department.

Faculty Development Programme – Feb 2019

The Department of Mechanical Engineering conducted a 3-day training programme on Numerical Methods and Computing Techniques for Modern Engineering. Dr. C.G. Nandakumar, Structural Consultant and Retd. Professor, Dept. of Ship Technology, CUSAT gave a session on "Introduction to Finite Element Method". Dr. Sheeja Janardhanan, Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, SSET highlighted various aspects of "Numerical Modelling & Simulations" which followed demonstration classes by Mr. Nikhil Asok N, Ms. Vidya Amar and Mr. Benrose Prasad, Assistant Professors, SSET. The program was attended by faculty members from various Engineering colleges in the state and also by members of the department.

American Welding Society (AWS) International Seminar – Feb 2019

American Welding society International seminar on “Welding with Tubular Wires”, jointly organised by Indian Institute of Welding-Cochin and SCMS Group of Educational Institutions was conducted at the SCMS Muttom Campus. The seminar was delivered by AWS Official Mr. Brian Gaal, also Technical Director, ARCOS Industries LLC. The seminar inaugural ceremony was presided by Sri: R. Srinivasan Chairman, Indian Institute of Welding Foundation, Mumbai and inaugurated by Sri: Prasad K Panicker, Executive Director, BPCL Kochi Refineries. Dr. EMS Nair, Professor Emeritus, SSET and Dr. Venu P, Dean-Student Affairs, SSET joined the function representing SCMS School of Engineering and Technology. Industry and Academia delegates from different parts of India attended the seminar. The presence of officials from Industries like Cochin Shipyard Limited, L&T Coimbatore, BPCL etc provided a platform for participant students to interact with Industry experts. The program was meticulously orchestrated by the ARiME.

SSET ME Department (SMED) - Invited Talk, 12th Oct 2018

The department has been organising expert talks inviting resources from Industry to bridge the gap between Academia and Industry and to provide the students with an insight of professional culture that prevails in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Muralidhran Gopi Ramesh, Program Manager, C&D, SUV & EV Business Leader, Nissan Motors Indian Pvt Ltd, Chennai, was the resource person of the Odd Semester of AY 2018-2019 and his interactive and captivating session titled, “leading a student life to become an industry ready candidate”, succeeded in projecting a different perspective to the students.

ARiME Office Bearers – AY 2017-2018

Sl.No Name Designation/Semester & class Roll No Position Held
1 Mr. Jose Sheril Dcoutha Assistant Professor Secretary
2 Mr Paul J Alengadan Assistant Professor Joint Secretary
3 Mr Vishnu H Assistant Professor Treasurer
4 GOKUL RK S7 ME I SME/5894/14 Secretary
5 Mohamed Sharun S7 ME II SME/7401/16 Secretary
6 ABHIJITH SANKAR E U S7 ME II SME/5970/14 Joint Secretary
7 ABHINAV A R S5 ME I SME/6347/15 Treasurer
8 VARUN JAIN S5 ME II SME/6376/15 Member
9 GAUTAM C SEKHAR S3 ME I SME/7365/16 Member
10 ANAND RAJEEV S3 ME II SME/7040/16 Member
11 AMAL REVI S1 ME I SME/7528/17 Member

Activities of AY 2017-2018

FDP Hands On Experience on CNC

A two day faculty development programme was conducted by Mr.Sijo M.T on 15th and 16th of June 2017 giving a Hands-On experience on Computer Numerical programming(CNC) and its varied applications.

Conference on ICCME

Dr.Sheeja Janardhanan, Professor-Mechanical Engineering Departement, held a conference on International Conference on Computing for Mechanical Engineering (ICCME) for the research scholars and faculty of SSET on 22nd and 23rd of June 2017.

Design and Project Workshop

A design and project workshop was conducted by Mr. Francis Thomas for the students of all the semesters on 28th of June 2017. The workshop gave ideas to the students on how to identify a problem and to formulate an apt solution for the same.

Hands-On experience on Automotive parts

A two days training programme was given to the undergraduate students of mechanical and automobile engineering departments by Mr. Francis Thomas and Mr. Koshy P Joseph on 6th and 7th of July 2017. It gave the students a hands-on experience on several automotive parts and its working.

CNC Workshop

Mr. Joson Thomas and Mr. Gopalakrishnan K K conducted a workshop on CNC machines on 6th and 7th of July, 2017 for the third and fifth semester students.

CATIA workshop

A two day CATIA workshop was held my Mr.Jenson Joseph and Mr. Premanand on 6th and 7th of July, 2017 for the students of third and forth semesters giving them an introduction to CATIA and its applications.

Alumni talk

Mr. Sunil K J took a class on ‘how to crack PSC and UPSC examinations’ on 26th of August 2017 for the final year students giving them various tips and techniques on clearing such competitive examinations.

Value Added Course

A value added course on Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) analysis was taken by Dr.Sheeja Janardhanan 28th of August 2017 for the 7th semester students. The session focused on briefing the students about how fluid flows using numerical solution methods.


A workshop was organized by Altair Hyper works by Mr. Akhil Raj R and Mr. Gopalakrishnan T on 22nd and 24th of September 2017 for the students from all the years.


Dr.Sheeja Janardhanan held a session on ‘ The art of technical writing’ for all the faculty members on 13th of October 2017. The session was mainly aimed for faculty members pursuing their PHD in various engineering fields.

ARiME Office Bearers – AY 2016-2017

Sl.No Name Designation/Semester & class Roll No Position Held
1 Mr. Sijo M T Assistant Professor Secretary
2 Mr. Bichu Raj Assistant Professor Joint Secretary
3 Ms. Vidya Chandran Assistant Professor Treasurer
4 G.AMARNATH SANKAR S7 ME I SME/5076/13 Secretary
5 MUHSIN.K S7 ME II SME/5078/13 Joint Secretary
6 ABHIJITH SANKAR E U S5 ME I SME/5970/14 Treasurer
7 VINAYAK R MENON S5 ME II SME/5732/14 Member
8 ABHINAV A R S3 ME I SME/6347/15 Member
9 VARUN JAIN S3 ME II SME/6376/15 Member
10 GAUTAM C SEKHAR S1 ME I SME/7365/16 Member

Activities of AY 2016-2017


Dr. Venu P, Head of Department, held an orientation class for the staff and faculty of the department briefing the various aspects and significance of NBA accreditation on11th of October,2016.

TIPs on Metaheuristic Algorithms for Optimisation

Mr Paul J Alengadan headed a session on Metaheuristic Algorithms for Optimization on 03/12/2016 for the faculty of the department, giving information on the latest updates in the field and stating the importance of the subject in the current world.

FDP on lab orientation

Mr. Gopalakrishnan K K, Mr. Francis Thomas and Mr. Sijo M T took charge of a lab orientation session for the faculty of mechanical department on 09/12/2016. The talk aimed at conveying the importance of practical sessions, the available machines in the lab and the learning outcome for the students.

Department talk on innovation

Mr. Prashanth Prabhakaran Pillai held a motivational session for the students of all years of the department. The talk emphasized the need for innovation and the available scope in the field of mechanical engineering. He also spoke on the role of an engineer and the duties and responsibilities expected to be fulfilled by a mechanical engineer.

Department talk on soft skills

An interactive session for the students of mechanical branch of engineering of all semesters by Mr. Vasanth Soman . He spoke on the importance of communication and personality skills in the current world. He also took time to explain how these skills can be acquired and how these can be applied universally.

TIPs on insights in research

Dr. Varun G Menon conducted a session on 06/01/2017 for the faculty of the department which concentrated of giving insights on research topics and the latest advancements and possibilities related to mechanical engineering. He also gave updates on the ongoing research programmes and the results produced by them.

Value added course : How to write a journal

Mr. Sijo M T conducted a session for the students of mechanical engineering on 23/01/2017 on how to write a technical journal. He explained the technicalities involved the standard requirements and the procedures to be followed. He also spoke on the releasing of a journal and the procedures involved.

Value added course : GATE orientation class

Mr. Sijo M T , Mr. Sam Joshy and Mr. Bichu Raj lead the orientation class for the final year students on the GATE exam and its possibilities. It was conducted through two days 27/01/2017 and 28/01/2017 . The professors detailed the students on what the GATE exam is , on how to prepare for the exam , and the possibilities after qualifying the exam.

Department talk on Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Mr. Sajid took a session on Advanced Manufacturing Technology on 16/02/2017 for the students of third and final year students of mechanical department. He updated the students on the latest technologies available and the ongoing research programes in the field. He also expressed his view on how important the subject is and how its development leads to ecofriendly and sustainable surroundings.

Department talk on Design and Droughting of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning system

Mr. Sooraj held a talk session on Design and Droughting of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning system on 23/02/2017 for the students of all years of the department. He taught the students about the theoretical side of the working principle of Air conditioning systems , the various available systems the problems involved for each design .He also inspired the students with the possibilities in the field related to design.

Alumini Talk on Guidelines to select good projects in Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Srijith Vijayan conducted a talk on Guidelines to select good projects in Mechanical Engineering for the S6 students on 17/03/2017. He expressed the need for selecting good projects and how good projects and related to the relevancy with current situation and how much we could possibly learn from developing a project.

Value added course: How to select a research problem

Dr. Sheeja Janardhanan took a session on How to select a research problem on 21/04/2017 for the students of all years of the department. She explained to the students how important it is to select a problem as is to doing the study itself. She gave tips on how to analyze the current situation and taking opinion from experienced people in the field.

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