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More About Mechanical Engineering


Practices of engineering works like fitting, carpentry, foundry, forging, welding, sheet metal work are provided here. It also provides the in house experience of basic mechanical instruments and activities.

SCMS School of Engineering & Technology

List of experiments:

  • Carpentry :- Planing – cutting – chiselling, marking – sawing – cross and tee joints – dovetail joints – engineering application, seasoning, preservation – plywood and plywood boards.
  • Fitting :- Practise in chipping – filing – cutting – male and female joints
  • Smithy :- forging of square and hexagonal prism. Study of forging principles, materials and operations.
  • Foundry :- preparation of simple sand moulds – moulding sand characteristics, materials, gate, runner, riser, core, chaplets, casting defects.

Faculty - in - Charge:
K K Gopalakrishnan (Ph: 994476161091, E-mail:

Lab - in - Charge:
Benny V T (Ph: 9745312354, E-mail:


SCMS School of Engineering & Technology

This lab is intended for the measurement and analysis of micro level parameters of mechanical systems. Various linear, angular and spherical parameters are measured using different equipments. The lab is not an independent one, but associated with other labs like Manufacturing Technology lab, Mechanical Engineering lab, Manufacturing and Precision Engineering lab (M Tech) etc.

List of Equipments:

  • Metallurgical Microscope with Microstructure analysis software
  • Metal Polishing Machine
  • Toolmaker’s Microscope
  • Autocollimator
  • Surface Roughness Tester
  • Bevel Protractor
  • Straight edge and Spirit level
  • Precision V-block and dial indicator for Circularity and Cylindricity measurement
  • Linear Variable Differential Transformer
  • Mechanical Comparator

Faculty - in - Charge:
Mr. Sam Joshy (Mobile : 9946226732, email :

Lab - in - Charge:
Mr. K.K. Gopalakrishnan(Mobile : 9447616109, email :


SCMS School of Engineering & Technology

This lab is commissioned in 2002 with various flow and machinery experiment test rigs. Different types of flows through channels and pipes are in the experiment setup with periodically calibrated gauges. Turbines and variety of pump test rigs and cut models are used for experiment purposes.

List of experiments:

  • Determination of coefficient of discharge and calibration of notches
  • Determination of coefficient of discharge and calibration of orifices
  • Determination of coefficient of discharge and calibration of venturimeter
  • Determination of Chezy’s constant and Darcy’s coefficient on pipe friction apparatus
  • Determination of metacentric height and radius of gyration of floating bodies
  • Performance on positive displacement pumps
  • Performance test on centrifugal pumps
  • Performance test on gear pump
  • Performance test on impulse turbine
  • Speed variation test on impulse turbine

Faculty - in - Charge:
Jose Sheril D’cotha (Mobile: 9847783961, E-mail:

Lab - in - Charge:
Thomas C.V (Mobile: 9745553798, E-mail:


SCMS School of Engineering & Technology

This lab consists of various types of machineries and gauges. This is equipped with centre lathes, shaping machines, slotting machines, milling machines, radial drilling machine, tool and cutter grinding machine. CNC turning machine and vertical machining centre of industrial standard is used for regular practice and for value added programs. Flexible Manufacturing System consists of lathe and milling units is used for additional training to mechanical and automobile batches.

List of experiments

  • Study of precision tools used in machine tool laboratory: - Vernier Caliper, micrometer, surface gauge, surface plates, guage block, straight edges, dial guage, plug and ring gauges, slip gauges, sine bar, care of tools and gauges.
  • Study of lathe tools and accessories: - selection of tool for different operations – tool materials: high carbon steel, HSS, cemented carbides, coated WC, indexble inserts, alumina, Cbn, diamond etc. – tool nomenclature and attributes of each tool angles on cutting processes – effect of nose radius, side cutting edge angle, end cutting edge angle and feed on surface roughnes – tool grinding and safe working practises
  • Selection of speeds, feeds and depth of cut – selction of cutting fluids – different methods of holding work
  • Experiment on gas and arc welding:- butt welding and lap welding of MS sheets
  • Measurement of cutting forces in turning process using dynamometers.
  • Experiment on lathe:- facing, plain turning, step turning and parting – groove cutting, knurling and chamfering – form turning and taper turning – eccentric turning
  • Measurement of flank wear in turning process using tool makers microscope
  • Experiment on thread cutting:- single and multistart external and internal threads, square and V threads.
  • Disassembly and assembly of small assemblies like tail stock, bench vice, screw jack etc.
  • Experiment on drilling machine:- drilling, boring, reaming and counter sinking – taping - study of reamers and taping.
  • Study and demonstration of NC machines :- CNC machines components – point to point, straight cut and contouring positioning – incremental and absolute systems - open loop and closed loop systems – DDA integrator and interpolaters – part programing fundamentals – manual programing – tape format - sequence number, preparatory functions, dimension words, speed word, feed world tool world, miscellaneous functions – computer aided part programming:- APT language structure: geometry commands, motion commands, postprocessor commands, compilation control commands – programming, simulation and demonstration exercises involving plane taper and form turning etc.

Faculty - in - Charge:
K K Gopalakrishnan (Mobile: 994476161091, E-mail:

Lab - in - Charge:
Sankarankutty B (Mobile: 91 9747238921, E-mail:


SCMS School of Engineering & Technology

This lab is equipped with petrol and diesel engine test rigs with different types of loading systems viz rope dynamometer, electrical and hydraulic types. These are with two stroke, four stroke, single and multi-cylinder engines and also variable compression ratio engines. Fuel lab is attached with this for determining flash and fire point, viscosity and calorific values of various lubricants and fuels.

List of experiments:

  • Load test on single cylinder vertical four stroke engine
  • Retardation test on twin cylinder four stroke diesel engine
  • Load test on single cylinder two stroke spark ignition engine
  • Load test on single cylinder four stroke variable compression ratio petrol engine
  • Heat balance test on single cylinder horizontal four stroke diesel engine
  • Redwood viscometer
  • Flash and fire point test
  • Valve timing diagram
  • Morse test on four cylinder petrol engine
  • Junker’s gas calorimeter
  • Cooling curve test on single cylinder four stroke horizontal diesel engine

Faculty - in - Charge:
Francis Thomas (Mobile: +91 9847033326, E-mail:

Lab - in - Charge:
Sasidharan M.V (Mobile: +919847773332, E-mail:


SCMS School of Engineering & Technology

Measurement of vibration in different condition, journal bearing pressure measurement, governors, gyroscope, whirling of shaft etc. are some of the experiment setups in the lab. Calibration of various measuring devices, measurement of parameters of engines and other equipments are also done here. Measurement of sound, air flow, water flow, temperature variation, humidity in atmosphere, calibration of tachometer, measurement of strain, measurement of pH, measurement of torsion of pendulum are also practised here. Equipments to conduct experiments related with emissivity, conduction and convection through various means and heat exchanger also available in this lab.

List of experiments:

  • Determination of taper angle using sine bar.
  • Calibration of tachometer using stroboscope.
  • Calibration of bourdon tube pressure gauge.
  • Calibration of strain gauge.
  • Temperature measurement using thermocouple.
  • Calibration of LVDT using micrometer.
  • Transverse vibration of a single rotor system.
  • Torsional vibration of a single rotor system.
  • Calibration of rotameter using a collecting tank.
  • Tool maker’s microscope.

Faculty - in - Charge:
SAM JOSHY (Mobile: 9946226732 , E-mail:

Lab - in - Charge:
Antony K.V (Mobile: 9446408302, E-mail:


SCMS School of Engineering & Technology

Drawing, modelling and analysis class is conducted in CAD lab equipped with 35 number of systems. For the additional training purpose of students, the institution has signed MoU with Harita Tech. 3D printer and scanner is also functioning as the part of CAD lab.

List of softwares

  • AutoCAD
  • PTC Creo
  • Solid Thinking

Faculty - in - Charge:
Jenson Joseph (Mobile: 9846244400, E-mail: