Admission Hotline

70 347 800 74 , 70 347 800 73

College Code : SCM

Placement Overview


Our Training and Placement Cell provides assistance for the overall development of our student’s personality and thus makes them ready for placement activities. The department organizes on and off campus as well as pooled campus recruitments, pre-placement training programmes through Aptitude tests, Group Discussions, Interviews and Presentation skills. The training programs offered enables students to identify their strengths and weaknesses and select the strategies for improvement. Besides, we extend intensive support for their career development.

The best of the companies today are looking for candidates who posses not only the technical knowledge but also communication skills. The Placement Cell ensures that the students of SSET imbibe the right attitudes to make them invaluable in a corporate environment. It is geared up to ensure the most opportune placement for all the students:

  • who have good marks for the regular courses
  • Are active in extra-curricular activities
  • Have cleared all courses at the time of placement
  • And have attended Personality Development and Aptitude Training Programmes

It is very important that the students attain a high level of competence to be selected by the recruiters. The students are advised to utilize all the facilities available at the campus including the special training offered to develop the skills that are indispensable for a modern engineering professional. We do not encourage the students, those who are placed through campus selection in a core company to attend the further campus interviews. The students aspiring for higher studies are encouraged to undergo competitive exams.

We have been partnering with Infosys Limited, Wipro Technologies, UST Global, TVS Harita Techserv, Redhat India Pvt. Ltd, Trident Techlabs for sharpening SSETians technical skills.

* Recruitments still going on for the batch