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Dr.Anitha G.Pillai

Life in the whole can be visualized as a combination of several fragments of sorrowful and joyous moments. The nucleus of happiness for any person revolves around the period during which one can express their thoughts fuelled by friendship and unhindered by barriers emerging from lack of knowledge, and where better to find that perfect combination of friendship and knowledge augmentation than an educational institution which falls under the umbrella of SCMS group of institutions, which has been constantly evolving in conformance with the dynamic changes witnessed in the world of education since 1976. SCMS group took the plunge into technical education in the year 2000 under the able guidance of its visionary founder Dr GPC Nayar. Since its inception, SSET has cultivated a mentor-protege relationship that can be called nothing short of special, which can be ascertained from the fact that alumni of SSET can be found helming various organizations across the globe with the highest degree of professionalism.

The Bachelor's, Master's and doctoral programmes offered at SSET not only focuses on building the technical proficiency of the students but also employ a skilful approach of training that converges to the goal of creating Engineers capable of adapting to any challenging situation. Adhering to the aforementioned goal, budding engineers from SSET take part in various national and state-level competitions and have bagged prestigious awards putting to display the fortitude of SSETs proud assets - the students.

As the Principal of this prestigious institution, I can solemnly proclaim that SSET will garner much more praise from the global engineering fraternity for moulding passionate engineers.

Profile: https://www.scmsgroup.org/sset/civil-engineering/dranitha-gpillai
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