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College Code : SCM

+91 484 2882900 , +91 484 2450330

Centre for Robotics


To be a Global Centre for Robotics that will transform autonomous, innovative and reconfigurable robotics technologies to establish robot systems with artificial intelligence, behaving intelligently without human supervision and working together with humans in human environments, contributing to all kinds of services and labor, encompassing all spheres of human activity.


  • To understand through research, the science, engineering and social role of robotics and embedded intelligence
  • To perform inter-disciplinary research in a coordinated manner to address all technical and non-technical aspects of modern robotics,
  • To focus, in the medium term, on bio-inspired robot design, human- robot interaction and Swarm Robotics, and
  • To undertake, in the long run, projects in other areas, in tandem with expanding domain expertise
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