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Survey Forms

1. SWOT survey

Department of Civil Engineering, SCMS School of Engineering and Technology needs to address and plan for the potentially changing workforce. We need your assistance to develop strategies for this planning. Please list our department's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) as they relate to workforce planning. Attached for your review is some areas that lists external and internal factors that may be important to our workforce planning and growth.

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2. Alumni feedback

We are glad that you spent your valuable years as a student at SCMS School of Engineering & Technology. While we tried to make your time here most useful, we would like to know your opinion, now that you have moved on. Kindly spare some of your valuable time to fill up this form and give us your valuable feedback and suggestions for further improvement of our department and thereby college. Your inputs will be of great use to improve the quality of our academic programmes and enhance the performance of our college in the long run

Alumni feedback