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Projects Undertaken

Abatement of Pollution of Rivers in Kerala – Kadambrayar and Kecheri

Water Resources Department, Government of Kerala as per the direction from National Green Tribunal was preparing Detailed Project Reports for pollution abatement of 21 rivers in Kerala. Out of these rivers, responsibility for preparing DPR’s for 2 rivers namely, Keecheri and Kadambrayar were vested with SCMS School of Engineering and Technology (SSET). SCMS Water Institute (SWI) in association with Civil engineering department of SSET prepared this study.

Sample collection done by SWI and SSET team from Kecheri and Kadambrayar rivers on January 12 & 14, 2021, for DPR preparation

Study on urban flooding in Thrissur Municipal Corporation

Study was an investigation as per request from ward councilors of Thrissur Municipal Corporation in order to understand the scientific reasons for urban flooding which is regularly experienced in Panchikkal and Puzhakkal regions and recommend solutions for the same.

SWI pilot survey of water logged areas of Thrissur on September 28, 2019n

Water Audit & Rain Water Harvesting Feasibility Assessment for Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL)

This is a feasibility study conducted for exploring the possibility of rainwater harvesting at metro stations of KMRL. It was done as per request of MD KMRL to SCMS management.

Honorable Justice Mr.Devan Ramachndran of Kerala High court, in the presence of Prof Pramod P Thevanoor, Vice Chairman of SCMS Group, and Mr Alkesh Kumar Sharma IAS (Addl Chief Secretary & MD KMRL) delivering the inaugural speech during the inauguration of pilot installation of a rainwater harvesting system at Companypady station on July 3, 2020, which was made as a model under the supervision of SWI

City water audit for Guruvayoor Municipality

This was a consultancy work advertised by Guruvayoor Municpality for conducting a city scale water audit for this pilgrimage town.

Prof Pramod P Thevanoor, Vice Chairman of SCMS Group, handing over the Guruvayur City Water Audit Report to Sri K V Abdul Khadeer, MLA of Guruvayur on January 7, 2019

Development of Flood Preparedness and Response Plan for Meloor Grama Panchayath

Immediately after the flood of 2018, Meloor Gramma Panchayat approached SCMS management for providing technical support to document the flood experienced within the Panchayat area and to prepare an plan for equipping the local body about the precautions to be taken in case of such a flood if happened in future.

Flood inundated map prepared by SWI for the development of flood preparedness plan for Meloor Panchayath

Background Study done for Developing a Water Management Plan for Meloor Grama Panchayat

Although Meloor Gramma Panchayat is surrounded by Chalakudy River on its three sides, this local body is experiencing severe droughts almost every year. Therefore upon the request of this local self-government to SCMS management, SWI conducted a study and prepared a Water Managment Plan for Meloor Panchayat.

Prof Pramod P Thevanoor, Vice Chairman of SCMS Group, handing over the report of "Background Study done for Developing a Water Management Plan for Meloor Grama Panchayat" to Sri P.P Babu, Mellor Panchayat President on February 27, 2018

Leak detection for Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL, Kochi)

CIAL was experiencing a major leak in the water distribution network and the concerned authorities approached SCMS management to exactly locate the leak using the leak detection equipment which SWI possess. These equipments are given to SWI as per a MoU between SEWERIN GmbH and SCMS Group.

SWI team doing intensive investigations along the pipe line with the leak detection sensors donated to SCMS by the German company named SEWERIN on May 29, 2019

Survey of Thevara Perandoor Canal, Kochi Municipal Corporation

Kochi Municipal Corporation wanted to rejuvenate the canal systems within its area of operation. TP canal being the longest canal within Kochi Municipal Corporation area, it was selected for the initial survey and study. Mayor of Kochi requested SCMS Group to conduct a survey and study of the T P canal system. This work was undertaken by SWI and submitted the report to the Kochi Municipal Corporation.

Prof Pramod P Thevanoor, Vice Chairman of SCMS Group, handing over the report of ‘Thevara Perandoor Canal Survey’ to Sri Amit Meena, Corporation Secretary on November 29, 2016

City Water Audit and Water Policy formulation for Kochi Municipal Corporation

In a joint initiative with the Cochin Municipal Corporation, SWI developed a water policy for the city. The policy developed under the purview of National and State Water Policies. This water policy is the first ever initiative of this nature launched by any corporation in the country. This water policy is anticipated to assist Kochi Corporation to improve its delivery mechanism and to coordinate and integrate water related services to the community

Water audit at the city scale allow Corporation to understand the potential sources, the ward wise and sector wise demand for water and the spatial variation of scarcity in the corporation area. SWI collected and analyzed the secondary and primary data collected in this study to develop the water balance for the city and using GIS platform mapped the water stress in the area for the present conditions and for various scenarios in future.

Shri Tony Chammany, Mayor Kochi Corporation handing over the ‘Kochi Water Policy’ to Honorable Mr. P J Joseph, Minister for Water Resources, Irrigation and Inland Navigation, Government of Kerala, in the presence of Dr. G.P.C Nayar, Chairman, SCMS Group on October 3, 2015

Green audit and Water audit for various educational institutions and apartment complexes

A detailed water audit and green audit was carried out in various educational institutions and apartment complexes. Consumption patterns were analyzed, water balance diagrams were created. Audit recommendations are reported with cost benefit analysis.

SWI team conducting green audit and water audit at various educational institutions and apartment complexes

Water quality analysis & Water quality atlas for Koratty Grama Panchayath

SWI in association with Koratty Panchayat has collected water from 190 drinking water sources like domestic and public wells and analyzed for various water quality parameters as per Bureau of Indian Standards. All the water sources were later documented using geographic Information system (GIS) to prepare a water quality atlas. It was found from the results of analysis that 90% of the drinking water sources were contaminated by Coliform bacteria. Another significant observation was the presence of high acidity, Iron and Fluoride in certain wells. Remedial measures were advised and the Panchayat has adopted necessary measures promptly.

This water quality atlas is extremely useful for the water related planning process in view of decentralized planning process of Koratty Panchayat. The atlas is prepared such that it can be updated in every six month.

Water quality analysis done at Koratty panchayath by M.Tech Environmental Engineering students of SSET on October 29, 2013

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