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Project Underway / Current Activities

Smart KWA Water Distribution Network for Kochi (Kochi waterInformation system)

Department of Water Resources, Government of Kerala had approached the SCMS Group forproviding knowledge partnership to develop a detailed technical report in order to convert the existing KWA water distribution network in Kochi into a smart network. This was a part of decision of Department of Water Resources of the government to collaborate with engineering colleges which are having capabilities to provide technical support for doing such work. SCMS Water Institute is leading this project from the side of SCMS, where Department of Computer Sciences & Engineering as well as Department of Electronics and Communication engineering are also supporting Water Institute in this work.

Concept discussion meeting organized by SCMS Water Institute in association with senior officials of KWA, for developing Kochi water Information system towards creating a smart KWA network, at SSET on September 13, 2020

Storm Water management for Kalamassery

Flooding in Kalamassery is a regular feature. Therefore municipal councillors as well as representatives of resident’s associations approached SCMS management to develop a storm water management plan for the watershed stretch extending from CUSAT to Edapilly thodu. Danish Hydraulic Institute is providing their technical support in this project and was kind enough to permit to use their software called ‘Mike Urban Plus’.

Concept discussion meeting organized by SCMS Water Institute in association with DHI officials, for developing a storm water management system for Kalamassery on January 2021

Ecorestoration of Bodi North Hills, Tamil Nadu

SCMS Group is preparing a ‘Field Research Station’ at Bodi North Hills, near Bodinakkannur, Tamil Nadu. This is a private land with an extent of around 100 acres and owned by Gaia Environmental Conservancy, Pvt Ltd. This was dry evergreen forest once but got degraded heavily due to massive felling of trees during the British period and used for the world war. SCMS Group is now trying to husband and nurse back to health the life supporting systems of this degraded land; primarily soil, water and biomass. SCMS Water Institute which is leading the team, is carrying out various ecorestoration initiatives in this land. A weather station developed by Department of Electronics and communication Engineering of SSET, has been established in this land for weather data collection.

SWI team taking flow measurements at Bodi Hills using the instrument sponsored by NIVUS GmbH, Germany on November 2019

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